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Shed converted into chicken coop

Chicken shed on allotment plot

converted garden shed

This wooden shed situated on a 26ft X 10ft allotment plot was the new home to Alan Parker’s six 17 week old chickens.

Inside converted garden shed coop

The shed is 6×4 and has a new roost and nest box area.

Chicken shed nestboxes

Allotment chicken run

Sarah’s Coop

Sarah standing in front of her coop

7 year old Sarah standing in front of the chicken coop she designed and built (with the help of dad David)

“Let’s build it” Sarah said to dad David after designing her coop. An old shed and recycled bits and pieces from around the homestead soon became a new coop to house their 8 week old chickens (and future batch of chicks).

shed coop ramp

Early mornings letting the chickens out and helping to keep them watered and fed occasionally bring a few grumbles about being sleepy, but as soon as Sarah is outside she is awake and rearing to go.

8 week old chickens

Hen House for four hens

purple chicken coop
Vanessa Britt had been wanting to raise hens for a while, but did not really know what to expect. When she was given four hens by a friend on a Friday she was still a little nervous about the whole idea but coming home from work on the Tuesday to her first egg soon dispelled those doubts “I think I have chicken fever!!!”. Even her husband was excited (like a lot of husbands he didn’t say so in so many words, but immediately started to make plans to build a bigger hen house) 🙂

golden laced pencilled chickens

hen house inside dog pen

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