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Chicken Coop for three chickens

Thanks to Tammy Peck for these photos of her coop. Tammy’s journey with chickens began when her neighbour Larry went away for a few days. He asked if she and her husband would keep an eye on his chickens and collect the eggs each day – it was a large coop, made into four rooms which the chickens could go in and out of as they liked. Tammy and her husband went from room to room collecting an average of 20 to 23 eggs a day from these chickens – and Tammy was hooked :-)

A short while later a small incubator and a semi-successful first hatching attempt left Tammy with a cute white leghorn chick who soon had two more new friends after a trip to the feed store (you can read the full story with photos in the September 2008 issue of the Keeping Chickens Newsletter).

Tammy’s husband built this “almost finished” coop for the girls (Pippin, Ethel and Lucy) from plans he had found on the Internet which he tweaked a little to include an additional back door for easier cleaning (without having to go inside the pen).

chicken coop

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